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How To Give An Ethnic Touch To Your Living Room?

How To Give An Ethnic Touch To Your Living Room?


Vibrant, relaxed and exotic! Doesn’t everyone dream to own such a living room? If you also wish the same, then infuse ethnic touch to your home and feel the magic. You can also give modern twist to some good ideas to create a chic living room in your home. Here are some ideas for it.

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Traditional lights

Picking a lighting fixture is a daunting and perplexing task. However, be it to pick up pendant, chandelier, wall sconce, cabinet or recessed light, a traditional one always looks classy and elegant. Chic vintage and antique light fixtures circulating warm & dazzling light at your home at once make the entire environment cosy and inviting.

Vintage TV stand

TV space always remains focal point of any house. So, placing a vintage style TV stand can turn your home décor ethnic in no time. You just need to add some attractive hues to your TV cabinet and the purpose is served. Following a reasonable way, you can also choose some exquisite pieces from TV stands for sale from Space and Shape. Our TV stands come in a wide range of styles and designs.


An urban chic mirror

Fix a chic mirror with colourful border to any corner of your home and make it lively and attractive. Make sure that the border has tinges of different colors on it to provide the required ethnic look to your home. While adding a touch of elegance, a mirror also gives an illusion of a larger room. If you have a small space for a living room, here are five essentials to make a small living room feel larger and warmer.


Bright cushions

Placing a few cushions with intense colour and mix patterns can make even dull place lively and welcoming. If you wish, you can even throw solid colored ones to accentuate your home décor. You can also try animal motif cushions from our interesting collection at our website.


Plants with colourful pots

If you are fond of keeping planted pots at home, then colour the pots with some fresh & perky colours and see the difference. Bright and diverse colours infuse life in surroundings. So, don’t shy away from bold colours and introduce coloured planted pots to your home.

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Home décor is essence of any house that makes it warm, welcoming and pleasing. An ethnic scheme for it is best if you wish to instantly infuse life in your home space. Just mix and match, add some bold hues and introduce some vintage furniture from our store and your home is ready with perfect look.