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5 Types Of Bookcases You Should Know Before Purchasing One

5 Types Of Bookcases You Should Know Before Purchasing One


If you are passionate about book collection and looking for a storage solution for your favorite books, here are types of bookshelves you should know.

Books need a space of their own. It is why a home essentially needs a stylish bookcase which provides a practical storage solution. However, before making a purchase, you should know, about various types of bookcases.

Shelf bookcases

A shelf bookcase is multipurpose furniture piece; you should surely add to your home. When it comes to design, there are various styles to suit your needs and home décor like solid wood bookcases, metal furnished bookcases etc. This type of bookcase is also available with or without doors. A shelf with doors is a great way to hide clutter while an open shelf door is an amazing way to showcase your precious books, photos, décor items, etc.


Ladder bookshelf

Shaped like a ladder, these bookcases are designed to stand freely. They work very well in tight spaced rooms. The shelves are wider at bottom which gradually becomes narrower at the top like a ladder.

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Open bookshelf

Open bookcases concepts have evolved to create an illusion of space in smaller home. These bookcases are usually designed in such a way that they fulfill the purpose of a décor item. Open shelves provide plenty of spaces for decorative pieces, books as well as pictures.

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Corner bookshelf

As the name suggests, corner bookshelves are a smart way to use the corners of a home space. Corners are often overlooked while placing a furniture pieces. However, if they are used smartly, one can save a lot of home space. A corner bookcase is not only a great space saver but also a fabulous decorative piece. One can also use it to alter the overall shape of a room.

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Display bookshelf

You must have seen a magazine display in any library, bookstore or office. Display bookshelves are designed in the same way with their spines facing outward and displaying books with their front covers. Usually, display bookcases hold those books which have attractive covers so that they can provide a good mean as a décor piece. They are also a great space saver as their shelves are extremely narrow.

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Conclusion – If you are passionate about books, you must keep a good bookshelf and display your priceless possession.