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About Us


The origins of Space & Shape

The idea of Space & Shape began in the unique feeling of nostalgia that fills someone’s heart when they are seeking a stable, welcoming place they can call home. That is the story of Ellen, Space & Shape founder.

As the only child in a single parent family, Ellen moved 16 times around 7 different cities during her childhood. The sense of not belonging travelled with her, from one place to another, as she explored the world. Her ability to create a welcoming interior was born from her skills in making a home wherever she landed - and her desire - which we all share, to settle in a warm, inviting place.

Our philosophy

The Space & Shape team share the same desire to develop a modern, welcoming style for your home. It’s our belief this can best be achieved with high-quality, handmade designer furniture, and hand-picked art pieces.

Space & Shape looks for unique, elegant, stylish furniture and warm, sophisticated accessories. We bring personally selected products to our online store, ensuring they are made to the highest standards, using sustainable and environmentally-friendly sources, because we know that a warm home comes not just from stunning furnishings, but from the certainty that your purchasing choices help other people and the planet.

Our greatest passion though, is to support independent designers around the world. It can be difficult for young, talented people to find their ‘home’ and we believe that by giving them the opportunity and space to share their stunning designs we’ll also give our customers the ability to find perfect furniture - the furniture that makes a house into a home.

Some designers we adore

Inesa Malafej and Arūnas Sukarevičius have worked together since they met at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. etc.etc. was established in 2012, while they continued their studies at the Royal Danish Academy. Their award-winning designs - My Writing Desk, Folding Wall Shelf - focus on respecting craft and traditions while adapting them for today's world.
Dalius Razauskas likes to let his designs speak for themselves. This talented designer is somewhat of a man of mystery who blends a love of multifunctional furniture like the Pill Multifunctional Wall Table which we are delighted to stock, with also a passion for designing jewellery.
Rachel Caldwell is a Pennsylvania-based painter and illustrator with a passion to create designs that combine surreal and dreamlike elements taken from the real life. Rachel's excellent use of vivid oil colours and the pen-and-ink drawing technique makes her one of the main contemporary American artists of today. See her products printed on these products
Melina Xenaki's elegant creations - such as the LiT Pastel Lamp - combine original research into pattern and design with the happenstance accidents of glaze to create unique art objects that marry the archetypal pattern-making of every culture and generation with the latest ceramic firing techniques. 


Space & Shape development is supported/Mentored by The Prince’s Trust's Enterprise Program.